Our Team

Kanoe Evile
2021 Director

Giramnah Pena-Alcantra
2020 Director

Rebecca Zhang
Head of Financials and Analytics

Vivian Hir
AY Programming

David Oluigbo
Teaching and Curriculum

Bm Sompolpong
Head of Community Relations

Grace Xu
Outreach and Publicity


Fidelia Gaba
2019 Director

Meghan Davis
2018 Director

Sam Allon

Matthew Leonard
Head of Technology

Enrico Micali
Website Designer

Jonathan Brown
Head of Curriculum

Ashley Simon
Community Partner

Kenny Egbuonu


Javier Weddington

Joshua Woodard

MIT BoSTEM's founders hailed from the impoverished South Side of Chicago and brought intimate knowledge of the urban educational experience to this project. Many members of our current team have also overcome numerous social, financial, and academic obstacles. We are all MIT students with first-hand knowledge of the power of self-efficacy. And we are all determined to help form the next generation of STEM leaders!

"Seeing how you guys persevered through your experiences inspired me to work harder and do better." - BoSTEM Scholar, Summer 2018