Welcome to the BoSTEM Scholars Academy

The MIT BoSTEM Scholar's Academy addresses issues related to "Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics" (STEM) education access and targets students who will increase diversity in those fields.

Our program aims to provide Greater Boston area high school students, the majority of which are women and underrepresented minorities, with the opportunity to gain an experience in STEM.  As students who hail from the impoverished South Side of Chicago, our founders bring an intimate knowledge of the urban educational experience to this project.  As students who have overcome numerous social, financial, and academic obstacles, our team has first-hand knowledge of the power of self-efficacy.  As we have learned to change the paradigm from an external "I can't accomplish this because I was born in this situation," to an internal "I can't accomplish this because I'm not working hard enough," we hope to instill these same life-changing values in our students.  BoSTEM Scholars Academy is the instrument through which we can form the next generation of STEM leaders.